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2 Roads, 2 Futures

This is an extremely visual lesson for intermediate students using Matthew 7:13-14 as the basis for the message. The bad news of the Broad Way and its inevitable path to destruction is contrasted with the good news of the Narrow Way and its path to life. A large wall display is created as the gospel is plainly explained.


A New Creature in Christ

This single week object lesson demonstrates for children the beautiful change that takes place in a person's life when they become a Christian. Using the process of metamorphosis as an example, this lesson will show children that having their sins forgiven - and their hearts cleansed - truly changes them into a beautiful "new creature" and gives them "new life" in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:7).


Bible Animals & Insects

This lesson plan emphasizes the importance of God's Word and obedience to it, leading from this to the message of salvation. Using the various animals/insects and the Bible character(s) assosiated with them, lessons are learned from the actions of others and applied to the hearts of students. Salvation is obedience to God and therefore, this plan closes stressing the urgent need of salvation. Animals included are: moth, lion, snake, fish/whale, bear, donkey, pig, fish, raven, lamb, ant and grasshopper.


Bible Quizzes - Gospel of Luke

12 multiple-choice questions for each of the 24 chapters in the book of Luke.


Bible Quizzes - Gospel of John

12 multiple-choice questions for each of the 21 chapters in the book of John.


God's Seasons

This lesson has been adapted from The Wonders of God's Creation: Part C. Young children love the changing seasons and all the fun activities each season brings with it. Delight their hearts with this extremely hands-on lesson while impressing upon their young minds a knowledge and appreciation of their God. A great lesson for any time of the year!


Heart Issues for Teens - What on Earth am I here for?

As the first session in the Heart Issues for Teens series, this study is adapted from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. 10 reasons explaining the purpose of life come alive through active learning, by means of Bible research and thought provoking questions. This session is excellent for a class of young believers, but over 2-thirds of the material studied can relate effectively to any unsaved students. Covering approximately 4-6 class periods, this is an excellent way to encourage teenagers to study His Word and to become grounded in the grand purpose God has for their lives.


Heart Issues for Teens - Rooted in Him

This session begins with a hands-on look at specific Bible references to roots and plants and how these apply spiritually to the Christian life. The importance of spiritual root development is stressed but it's one thing to know the importance of Bible study and quite another to actually do it! Therefore, practical aids, such as a Quiet Time Calandar, Bible Study Journal and more, are given to the students as actual ways to study the Bible are discussed. Give your students (and maybe yourself!) the tools they need to get a good start into developing a healthy root system planted deep in God's Word!


Prayer - Communication with God

This session begins by focusing in on prayer as our form of communication with God. Students research Biblical prayers and look into the question, "Does God hear and answer every prayer?". They are taken step by step through a simple pattern for prayer and cover the varied answers God may give in response to their prayers. Many interactive activites help to illustrate the points discussed and the Heart Issue questions that are periodically asked, seek to apply what they are learning to their own heart and life.


Prophecies Fullfilled - Death & Resurrection

Celebrate Easter with this lesson plan on the prophecies and fulfilments of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The lesson begins with an interactive discussion on what prophecies are and then takes the students on a search for 12 Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament fulfillments of Christ's death and resurrection. Students discover who spoke/wrote the prophecies, the approximate dates when the prophecies were recorded and then create their own timeline leading up to the Saviour's death and resurrection. This is a very hands-on lesson and provides many opportunities to present the gospel while searching out this vitally important topic - the reason for Christ's death. The time frame can be easily shortened or lengthened depending on the needs of your class and can be used for either intermediate or teen students. Help your class discover the true meaning of Easter!


Prophecies of Christ's Birth

This lesson plan begins by discussing what prophecies are and then takes the students on a search for Old Testament Prophecies and the New Testament Fulfillments of Christ's birth. Students discover who spoke the prophecies, the approximate dates of the prophet(s) and create their own timeline leading up to the Saviour's birth. This is a very hands-on lesson and can be used for either teen or intermediate students.


Sunday School Teacher's Guidebook

The Sunday School Teacher’s Guide to REACHING YOUNG HEARTS has been written by Michelle Snippe andmyself based on the teacher training classes we have taught. This book will benefit all teachers who take seriously the privilege and responsibility of a Sunday school class, whether new to the ministry or having taught for years. The information is presented in a hands-on format providing many opportunities for practice. Use this book for individual study or for interactive teacher training classes. Equip yourself or the teachers you know with a solid resource to help them fulfil their responsibility of reaching hearts for eternity.


The Gift of God

In this lesson, intermediate students will learn the real reason Jesus was born - to provide us with a gift that will last for eternity - the gift of eternal life offered to us by the death of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. This lesson takes the focus off of what the world celebrates at Christmas and places it on what we really ought to be celebrating everyday! This lesson was developed for use during the Christmas season, but can easily be adapted for use any time of the year.


The Life of Joseph

This lesson plan brings out the gospel message as it relates to the correlation between the lives of Joseph and Jesus. Students will come to appreciate all that Joseph endured to save a nation, but more importantly, all that Jesus suffered to save the world. 


The Whole World

This lesson plan covers the creation of the world, to God's Son Who came as the propitiation for sins. Major emphasis is placed on presenting the gospel message. 


The Wonders of God's Creation - Part A

This lesson is particularly for younger, primary aged children. Part A covers the creation of the world up to Day 3.


The Wonders of God's Creation - Part B

This 6-week session is the continuation to The Wonders of God's Creation Part A and is particularly for younger, primary-aged children. It covers the creation of the world from Day 4 to Day 6.


The Wonders of God's Creation - Part C

This 5-week session is the conclusion to the series The Wonders of God's Creation and is particularily for primary-aged children. It covers the creation of Adam and Eve, the creation of each person uniquely in God's perfect way and the seasons.

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.
Psalm 86:11

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