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About ReachHearts

My goal is to reach hearts for Him. To take what has first affected my heart and to share it with others. To bring the message of salvation to the needy hearts of the unsaved and to stir up the hearts of His own to live for Him.


But this goal is not one that I share alone. I meet many people who have opportunities to reach hearts through Sunday school classes, youth groups, one-on-one instruction, Bible studies and other means. Very often I hear of their desires but even more so of their struggles. Two of those struggles are paramount: the difficulty of knowing what to teach as well as the limited time available to them for lesson preparation. As a giver and server at heart, I have readily shared with others the lessons I have prepared and used during the past 20 years of my ministry.


However, there must be others unknown to me that share the same goal as mine and yet have similar struggles.


That is why I have founded This information is provided as a resource to equip others in their ministry of reaching hearts for Him - either to present the way of salvation to the unsaved or to encourage the spiritual growth of those saved by His grace alone. Included are my own lessons as well as the lessons of others that share my same beliefs and vision (see 'Contributors'). We do not believe we are the end all and be all of Sunday school teaching but simply want to offer help and suggestions to others that may find our information useful in their own area of ministry. Let these resources be a springboard to your own thoughts and creativity. Take what is helpful to you and make adaptations to meet your specific needs. Above all may everything found on this site bring honour and glory to His Name alone.


Reach hearts. Is that your goal and vision? With God's help, let's reach that goal together!





Zonya Bergsma

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.
Psalm 86:11

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